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Constantly receiving notifications that FortiClient is off windows 10

This is a brand new system that came with windows 10 installed. I removed the norton antivirus that it came with. Installed all windows 10 updates and then installed FortiClient.


Now I receive a notification every 1 minute or so from windows 10. It states Windows Defender and FortiClient antivirus are both turned off. Now FortiClient is on and enabled. Windows Defender is off. Inside the security tab in control panel it shows everything as gravy, everything is on and working correctly.


I am so tired of receiving this notification and it's starting to slow down the computer... Imagine the same notification every minute or two. It's down right ridiculous. I dont know what else to do. I tried uninstalling FortiClient then rebooting and reinstalling it still notifications every minute or two. 


Still not fixed; doing the removal/reinstall is getting old.


Experiencing the same issue


Same for me, those who have shut down the notifications completely, did you do it via group policy or ?

My environment is System Center Endpoint Protection -> Overrwitten by Forticlient.



I started having the same issue this morning, tried rebooting, and a few other things. It just kept happening about every 4 seconds. Anyway, I read through this post and got the idea to reinstall, that worked.

Downloaded and reinstalled from here.





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They have a new client rolled out

This resolved it for me. 

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Also fixed for me with the new version.

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We have the same gripe except it's every hour when the definitions update.  FortiClient then resets and Win 10 alerts that AV is off.  Why does the client have reset every time?  It should take the updates dynamically.  Unfortunately all we can do is turn off AV status alerts completely which is not optimal.