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Constantly receiving notifications that FortiClient is off windows 10

This is a brand new system that came with windows 10 installed. I removed the norton antivirus that it came with. Installed all windows 10 updates and then installed FortiClient.


Now I receive a notification every 1 minute or so from windows 10. It states Windows Defender and FortiClient antivirus are both turned off. Now FortiClient is on and enabled. Windows Defender is off. Inside the security tab in control panel it shows everything as gravy, everything is on and working correctly.


I am so tired of receiving this notification and it's starting to slow down the computer... Imagine the same notification every minute or two. It's down right ridiculous. I dont know what else to do. I tried uninstalling FortiClient then rebooting and reinstalling it still notifications every minute or two. 

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No body else is experiencing the same issue? Is there any other information I can provide that would help solve the issue?


I am getting less notifications now but I still on average get 10-15 notifications per day the the forticlient is turned off when in fact it is on.


I have seen the same issue, have not had time to look into it though.


Is your Windows 10 the latest 10.0.10586?


I have been experiencing this problem on and off for over a month now but have not investigated or opened a support ticket yet. Some days I receive the message very frequently. Other days, not at all. 


I am on the latest, fully patched, Windows 10 with the latest FortiClient.


I see this on my own systems and on my client's as well. From what I can tell it occurs when an AV update occurs and the service is restarted. 


FortiNet support will typically advise clients on how to disable notifications in Windows 10 (right click on the notifications icon in the task bar). However, I would not want to disable anything that causes me to not see vital notifications.


On the bright side... EVERY TIME this happens means you got a new AV signature! When it happens a lot, it means there are a lot of new signatures (a good thing). 


Just adding a "me too" to this thread; brand new install of FortiClient on Win 10 Pro ver 1607 build 14393.105.  I get the alert what seems like several times per day; quite annoying.  Thinking of running Defender in parallel if possible.  Anyone open a ticket yet with Fortinet?


Another day, another 14,000 alerts....




That shit usually happend on old PC with two core or less CPU. I5 CPU works fine.

FG-50E/60D/60E, FAP-221B/21D, FortiClient. 

FG-50E/60D/60E, FAP-221B/21D, FortiClient.

In my case it's an HP tablet with core m5 cpu (two core); so low end processing power can actually cause the issue?  Haven't tried on higher end system yet.


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