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Configuring a Fortigate 60E for new ISP?

I am a volunteer at a local tennis club that has a rather complicated rack system with a fortigate 60e. The system has several VLANS for the security cameras, guest wifi, etc. I have been tasked with switching everything from Verizon fiber to Spectrum fiber. The spectrum fiber has already been installed and I tested it with a laptop by manually entering the ip range, gateway etc and it works. Now I want to plug it into the fortigate 60e and unplug the Verizon.. To make things more complex, there is also a secondary backup ISP from Spectrum cable. That we also want to get rid of.


I have experience with home routers but the fortigate 60e settings are rather complex. Is there a paid support we can buy that can walk me through everything I need to change? We tried contacting the original company who set it all up but they said they are too busy. Or should I just post screenshots of what I think I should do and go from there?

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Yes, x.x.x.144/29 would be the network address (identifies the network) and can not be used as a host address.  The available host addresses in that range are x.x.x.145-150.  They should have given you one of those addresses as the gateway and you should be able to pick from the others for what address you want to put on your firewall.  You could also use one of the other addresses for your VIP ie.if .150 is the gateway address you could use  .145 on the firewall and .146 on the VIP.

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I see. So I don't need to enter the x.x.x.144/29 address anywhere in the fortigate settings? Just replace it with x.x.x.146/ ?


No, you don't need to enter the x.x.x.144/29 anywhere.  You will want to replace the current IP to be x.x.x.146/



Great, many thanks! Seems to be working now. I've also disabled the backup ISP interface and Internet is working. See below if I did it all correctly:




Glad to hear it’s working. Disabling the the interface looks good. 

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One thing I am not sure about is when I click the settings for the current Verizon FIOS it shows some kind of MAC ID for the WAN1. Will this dynamically get updated when I plug in the Spectrum FIOS?





mac address not changed when you replace the isp, it's binded to device interface, you said that you can connect with your laptop, it means your ISP not require correct MAC authentication, so you dont have to care about the mac address this case, also mac address of interface can changed in CLI mode, but you dont need this .
some ISP require pppoe authentication while other provide static IP without pppoe dial. And i think that your isp provide static IP

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That should be the mac address of the wan1 ports itself not the mac address of the modem.


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