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Configure fortigate to act as smtp relay server


I'm migrating to fortiguard from a sophos sg utm. Since I have a large numbers of multifunction printers and other devices that requires email function, I actually points all of them to UTM ip address in order to send email (so I don't need to change passwords in all device when I change SMTP settings, I simply change it once on UTM). I cannot find the proper area of fortiguard in which I can configure it as a realy smtp server. Is it not possibile?




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Sophos UTM as NGX Version can act as a MX gateway or also called as a relaying server.


FortiGate does not support MX gateway or relaying server. With FGT you can only "transparent" controll Mail traffic like SMTP traffic by AntiVirus, Antispam etc. no other possibilities.


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little addition: you may want to consider a FortiMail VM as SMTP-Proxy or relays server. It is far more feature rich than a SOPHOS UTM/XG. 

Beyond that Fortigate - as already said - only support Scanning of passing through SMTP traffic with AV and AntiSpam.


Hello @All,

how ist that possible to use Fotigate as smtp-proxy / relays server for other hosts?


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