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Hello @All, we using Graylog to get syslog messages from our Fortiweb over TLS.For example: on Fortiweb I see the Log Entry in Attack Log at 12:34:54 Local timeOn Graylog: the same comes with timestamp: 2022-07-27 14:34:54.000 and the Log detail are ...
Hello,Fortiweb offers the option to change password before logging in. If this option is used and the password change fails, where do I see the details?The login and therefore also a possible password change is done against a MS-AD.The user gets as e...
Hello,is there a chance to add a Host-Check for Win-Server to block them for VPN Connection? Many thanksTBC
Hello @All, we're using lets encrypt for our VPN access on Fortigate.How can I renew that manual, or how is the process for automatically? Fortigate OS is Version 7.2.0 Many thanks in advanceTBC
Hello @All, we would like to use Letsencypt certificates for our web servers.The web servers are addressed as an example as follows:aa.domain.combb.domain.comcc.domain.comDNS entries are available.Unfortunately, I can't really figure it out from the ...
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