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Can I use fortilink as my incoming interface for wan?

I have 24 port fortiswitch in front of my fortinet and other vdoms witch also have fortilinks. Can I use the fortilink on my root vdom or could I create separate vdoms for the wan interfaces and connect those to the root vdom fortilink and pass those wan vdoms with vdom links? Or do I setup my incoming fortiswitch to manually handle traffic? :thinking_face:  But if I use my vdom wans can my fortinet still update? Could use I tried the vdom wans before and the fortinet service wasn't connecting to the server as I assume the root vdom needs a wan interface.. ? 


Hello, you can create multiple vlan's and assign  them to multiple vdoms as per your traffice requirements

Security all we want

O.k so my question is I wanna install front facing fortiswitch on the wan side of my network coming from my router.. How do I configure the wan? Wan vlan for my router to connect to and then plug my wan interfaces per vdom into switch even though it's setup as a fortilink? This is what confuses me? Do I just plug in my router into the switch coming into the fortiswitch and the switch will auto pickup the traffic? See what I want to do is set trunks for each vdom and have those trunks running back into my router switch.. 


How do I setup my policies.. set vlan going to vdomlinks? Or is this this just not possible? 

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