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Bridged SSID to be setup with open authentication

I am trying to setup an SSID with open authentication as I want the authentication to be done by a captive portal not on the fortigate. 
The SSID has an option for redirecting to external links but I am trying to use a locally hosted software.
Has anyone done this?
Cisco would have just a splash page to connect which was locally hosted, is there a similar feature on FG?


Hi @efernandes,


Bridge mode SSID doesn't support Disclaimer Only Captive Portal. You can either use tunnel mode with Disclaimer Only Captive Portal, or use bridge mode with External Authentication Captive Portal. Please refer to



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Thank you for the response, so I tried to set the authentication to external but I cant seem to set it without a Radius Server.
Since the Software Portal will be taking care of the authentication through SMS and email database, I donot want to link it internally to a Radius Server.
Is there a way to just set it to external authentication?


Usually the external portal should handle both the registration/authentication from the portal and offer also RADIUS support, in this case FGT will still try to do MAC authentication for the connected host. There is no other way to tie the remote user with the actually connected host on the WiFi.

- Emirjon
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