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Applying Fortinet device in my company.

Hello everyone!

So This is my first time here, and I'm completely new to FortiGate devices.

In summary, I'm looking to deploy a Fortinet device in my company that includes the following:

  • 1 server
  • 1 MikroTik CCR router
  • 25 IP phones with 1 IP-PBX
  • 36 cameras
  • 5 Access Points

From your experience Could anyone please provide advice on the appropriate FortiGate device for this scenario?

Thank you in advance.

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It depends on the version of the FortiClient. If it’s the VPN only client then No. If it’s the EDR licensed client then it is possible. This is a question for your companies IT team .


Hi, harammy. Thank you for your reply!


This doesn't seem quite relevant to what the user asked. Did you mean to reply to another topic?


Kind regards,

Stephen - Fortinet Community Team

Consider addressing the question to the local Fortinet Sales Engineer for advice regarding sizing. 

36 cameras may produce a lot of traffic - is that logged locally? what is the purpose of MicroTik in this setup? 5 Access points, but how many users? Guest network or authenticated users? How many?
It's only a few questions to ask. But try to estimate the number and type of sessions, and bandwidth needed, then add on top any security features you want to apply

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I am wondering where exactly you would like to act FGT? As firewall, wlc, etc, routing?

Fortigate should be considered as a firewall to segment your network. You need to calculate, and select proper FGT, which matches to your user count, session generating, bandwidth and other services. 


So, how do you want FGT acting as?

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