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Blocking netflix from Microsoft Store

Application control properly blocks access to Netflix when run via browser but not blocking when Netflix is installed from Microsoft Store as an application.

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Hi @psniech ,

The Netflix application under the Application category is matched only with TCP/80, TCP/443, and UDP/443 ports. Specific application IDs that match Netflix are:

When downloading the Netflix app from the Microsoft Store, FortiGate cannot block Netflix access because I think the traffic is not web-based. However, enabling SSL deep inspection in the rules may be necessary for some application IDs to work properly. Be cautious with SSL deep inspection, as using an unreliable certificate may cause access issues with your endpoint devices.


Instead, you can create a URL exemption under web filter by following the article below and create a simple blocking entry for This way, you can restrict access at the domain level.




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Atakan Atak

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