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How can I edit the configuration file backup from FortiAuthenticator? Is there any way to convert the config file to editable text format and then back to conf format and upload it?
Is it possible to turn off obligatory names for rules like it is possible in Fortigate:set gui-allow-unnamed-policy [enable|disable] P.S.
config system fortiguard set update-ffdb [enable | disable] nextend"You can disable ISDB updates so they occur only during a change control window." What actually means "change control window" ? How can I define this period of time ? P.
Hello,Is there any option to export dkim private key if you would like for example use this key on a different Fortimail ?
Hi,How can I configure fortinet ssl/ipsec client to go directly without taking into account system proxy settings on Windows 10 ?Pawel Sniechowski