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Backup/Restore from 1000B to a VM appliance.

Bought the VM Analyzer and bring it up online to the same version and patch level as the 1000B that is now out of support.  Question is - can I simply backup the 1000B and then restore the config over on the VM FAZ?


Since it is virtual, we figured to give it a try.  If it fails, we can just blow it up and start over.  :)



FGT-620B-DC FGT-100C Rugged FAZ-1000B
FGT-620B-DC FGT-100C Rugged FAZ-1000B
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Nope...doesn't work.  Upside is that aside from some custom reports, there really isn't a lot in the backup that you can't grab and re-enter into the new analyzer.

FGT-620B-DC FGT-100C Rugged FAZ-1000B
FGT-620B-DC FGT-100C Rugged FAZ-1000B
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I´ve done this alot of times. The trick os to do the following:


Backup the FAZ appliance.

Configure up the VM and use the "Execute shell" command.


open [ftp server where your backup file is].

get [filename]


Exit the ftp client

Use the command "tar -zxvf [filename of the backup]

Then exit and reboot.


Now, import for examples the report template that you use (if you have extra images etc.



from FMG/FAZ 5.4.1, we added a new CLI


 exec migrate all-settings


so can restore db config on a different platform






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