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BGP Advertised routes not seen by neighbor

I have a issue where a BGP neighbor is nor seeing a advertised route.

Initially we had two BGP neighbors, primary link and secondary link. AS 11111


I used the BGP redistribute "Static" and "Connected" options, with a routemap containing pre-fixes of the the static and connected routes. Works fine, neighbors learns them


We then added another two more neighbors on another interface, lets say and (Also AS 11111 but different IP's and different routers)


We are learning a route from the new neighbors, and in turn we need to redistribute it to the first neighbors


If I do a get router info bgp neighbor *.*.*.* advertised-routes I do see the route being advertised to him, but they are not seeing that one, they do see the others though.


What could be the issue? The other neighbor says they are not blocking anything from us so they should be learning it as it's being advertised with the rest, any idea?


Could be a number of things. Does the neighbours see it in their BGP database?


Do the advertised networks overlap at all with other networks possibly?

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