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I have a issue where a BGP neighbor is nor seeing a advertised route.Initially we had two BGP neighbors, primary link and secondary link. AS 11111 I used the BGP redistribute "Static" and "Connected" options, with a routemap con...
We have SSL VPN setup on 2 extrenal interfaces, and one interface is falling away soon. Is there a easy way to see what external interface a user is connected to? In the VPN logs on the analyzer it does not show what IP they connect too. Currently I ...
Can one use IP Pools for SNAT with the source interfaces as a Zone and the destination as a physical interface? I did read that you can't use zones and IP Pools and was wondering if that is still the case? Or is it only the destination that can't be ...
I am busy setting up a second interface for SSL VPN access, and was wondering if there is a way to see which of the authentication rules are in use as we have a few, and some looks wrong in any case. Following this guide:
Just want to ask a question regarding FortiTokens and 2FA, but will give some info first. Firmware on both 6.2.2 We wanted to move away from PBR on our main 300D Fortigate. Had a spare 300D, so decided to restore the config and setup the spare with S...
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