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Azure Datacenter IP Ranges - Feature request

Microsoft maintains an IP listing of their geographically dispersed Azure data centers here


It would be nice if this could be incorporated into the Fortigate Geography based addressing lists as a objects I can reference in policies.

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Would be a wicked good feature. A more overarching one would be the ability to make an object that is dynamic and pulls from outside sources every so often (say a text file or whatever). Palo's do that and it is very useful.

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Heck, even if we had to manually update/import the XML ourselves to bypass the "trust something external that is not digitally signed", that would still be very helpful.

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Here's and ideal, not pretty but it will work,  but you could do a script  maker and run the file thru a loop and then execute the config in a batch sed would be the ideal tool to  clean up the lines. I've did in a rush a few times when a end user provider file need a quick white|blacklisted against a mass  of  addresses.




echo " Let's my our firewall address objects for MS AZURE DCs";


for p in `cat PublicIPs_20170321.xml|  grep IpRange |  cut -d "=" -f2 | awk '{print$1}'  |  sed -e 's/"//g' ` ;


do echo -e " config  firewall address\n edit  $p\n   set subnet $p\n   set tag MSAZURE_DC\n   set comment MS_AZURE_DC\n   end\n" ;




I've done the above for other address that was listed in a text or xml format. Great for a quick blast but would be very tiring to  manage if the listing was dynamically changing.


If you where created you could use unix curl or wget the link and recompile the listing on demand and upload the batch.



YMMV  and it could be perl or python with a experienced  scripter









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