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Are configurations of FortiGate and FortiWifi (same model, same fortios version) interchangeable?

Hi all


There is a customer that uses tons of 60E and 60F models of each FortiGates and FortiWifis.


I am aware that using a config from one FGT 60F to another FGT 60F (and the same within 60E) should work - but not from 60F to 60E and vice versa (at least not without serious and dangerous tinkering).


However, I am wondering how things are within the same number (eg. 60F), but from FortiWifi to FortiGate?Is that possible and as easy as from FGT to FGT (or FWF to FWF?). Anyone having any experience in using a FWF 60F (or 60E) config on a FGT 60F (or 60E)?


I would think that the Wifi config part of a FWF would just get "lost" in a FGT (as it has no radio) and there is not much issue - but, of course, going from FGT to FWF it would result in having to configure the Wi-fi part all over again. Just asking if someone done that before and succeeded.


Thanks for your reply


No, it is not advisable to do that. Better to use a forticonvertor service,

Siddhanth Poojary

Hi @scheuri,


I don't think you will be able to restore the config file as the platform doesn't match. You can either use FortiConverter or Manual conversion first.



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