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Hello all I have an odd issue:I have TWO different cluster of fortigates (four fortigate 1100E altogether, two active/passive cluster). On each of those cluster the port 25 and port 26 are aggregated to one interface.Now it turns out that the MAC add...
Hello all Is it possible to add (external/thirdparty) lists of BotNet IP addresses in the AMP/AV profile or the IPS sensor? As far as I can see it is possible to add thirdparty/external AV-Lists, however, I am not sure if AMP/AV does check IP address...
Dear allI have a VRRP related question which I trying to find some insights. Setup/Situation:We have TWO Fortigate clusters (each cluster with two nodes in active/passive HA).Cluster A is the primary cluster and is supposed to do all the work, all th...
Dear communityI likely have a very specific issue that might be completly "normal", I just want to make sure I have my bases covered... Situation:We have two clusters (four fortigates in total) in two different data centers (dc 1 and dc 2). About a d...
Dear community My question is:Does a VRRP-IP (the "gateway") generally answer to ping/icmp requests (or not)? We have four fortigates in two datacenters (in each datacenter is an active/passive cluster). On each of those clusters are the same vlans c...
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