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Adding Standalone FortiSwitch to FortiManager Problem

Attempting to add multiple standalone FortiSwitches to a new FortiManager VM instance. All of the documentation I'm finding is specific to a "Managed" FortiSwitch. These are standalone. I keep getting "Probe Failed" when attempting to add. The FMG & FS are able to ping each other. As far as I can tell there is no "FMG Access" access setting within a FortiSwitch. The FortiSwitch Admin Guide makes no mention of FMG access. HTTP/HTTPS/SNMP/SSH all enabled on this particular interface. I feel like I'm missing something simple but I cannot find it. Any ideas?


FMG - 7.4.2

FS - 7.4.2


I don't think the FMG supports managing standalone FSWs. It can manage only config under switch-controller of the FGTs, just like wireless-controler config for FAPs. I was told to use FortiLAN Cloud service w/ licenses to manage them remotely.



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Thank you. I just spoke with Support who confirmed that. I'm surprised this isn't a supported functionality.


It does not.  FortiManager is for managing FortiGates.  Those FortiGates in turn can manage switches and APs managed by that FortiGate.


For standalone switches, you need FortiSwitch Manager or FortiLAN Cloud.


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