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Acronis Deployment image fails

My stage is like that. Fortigate F40 configured for a EXTERNAL network with several WKSTN in range and INTERNAL with several servers in the range Interface external WAN, interface internal LAN1. Virtual ip mapping for internal servers to the range external



What I do is Acronis server deployment for WKSTNs. Iwas doing that correctly before install F40. After I've installed it, WKSTN connect to the server but when I order from server to deploy the image on wkstn, process starts and after a few seconds finish  doing anything. We tried again without the F40 and it works properly.

(the process stops when .tib file is being transfered)

Thank you for your help


It seems your FortiGate F40 firewall might be interrupting Acronis server deployment. Start by ensuring that the necessary ports Acronis uses are open on the FortiGate. Check if any traffic inspection or security profiles (like AV scanning or IPS) on the FortiGate could be blocking or altering Acronis traffic; if so, consider temporarily disabling them for testing. Session timeouts on the FortiGate might be too aggressive, causing premature termination of Acronis processes. Review the FortiGate logs for any clues, ensuring both your FortiGate and Acronis are up-to-date. If issues persist, consider consulting Fortinet Support for deeper insights. Always test after each adjustment to pinpoint the root cause.

Siddhanth Poojary

@AbelGSCN, I hope you doing well. 


Can you please confirm the configuration of the VIP, and how incoming packets hit on the firewall?


Please post your VIP configuration by following commands: 

config firewall VIP 

edit <xxx>     



Please run a sniffer on the firewall to verify the packets:

di sniff packet any ' host x.x.x.x ' 6 0 l        (x is the external ip configured on VIP)



Maulish Shah

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