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81F updated the version (7.2.4 ->7.2.8) the host could not connect to the interface.

Fortigate 81F:
When I updated the version (7.2.4 ->7.2.8), the host could not connect to the interface.
As a result, the host cannot connect to the external network through the interface.

The original policy settings have not changed.

1. There are 4 hosts in the same domain connected to different ports of fortigate, but they can all ping each other, but they cannot ping to the interface of fortigate.

Please tell me how can I solve it?
At present, there is no way to restart the fortigate or restart the host.


There was a change in 7.2.6 that affects IP Pools and VIPs. Please ensure that the External Address of these objects do not overlap with that host. See:

It may be helpful to do a debug flow as per:

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Thank you, johnathan,

I solved the problem,
1. The original IP is also set in the virtual IP
2. and used in policy


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