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Sync Session between FGCP Cluster


I'm interested with session synchronize between FGCP cluster in different data center.

But I'm unable to find more details about that, such as:

1. What is the drawback of using this?

2. What are the limitations?

3. What are the requirements to be able success for session sync between FGCP cluster (e.g. minimum link latency between Data Center, how fast the session will be synchronized, etc)?


Can anyone help to give more details explanation or guidance about that?


Thank you in advance.



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Session synchronization can result in increased traffic between data centers. High latency or inconsistent network availability between clusters can lead to synchronization problems or even data loss. The ability to synchronize may depend on your cluster configuration and software version.
Need for higher network bandwidth to ensure efficient synchronization.

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Thank you for the explanation.

Is there any exact measurement such as maximum latency and minimum bandwidth to ensure FGCP session syn running well?



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