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Fortigate 40F slow download - how to fix?

My download speed is 1GBit/s from the provider UPC here in Switzerland.


A PC (paviPC) attached to the providers connect box (CB, a DOCSIS router) gets about 900MBit/s.

This is what I am looking for.

(paviPC <-- CB/p4-CB/cable <-- cnlab speed test server)


I got a Fortigate 40F (FG) to play and connected lan3 (hardware switch) to port 3 of the UPC CB router.
Looking at the specs, the FG-40F should easily handle the 1GBit/s download speed. But it seems not to...


Any PC (elitePC, zoePC, paviPC) connected to lan3 of FG only gets about 130MBit/s download speed max.
(PC <-- FG/lan3<-FG/wan <-- CB/p3<-CB/wan <-- cnlab speed test server)


I do not have any fancy firewall policy enabled.Just plain all/all/all from inside to outside without any UTM features.


Why is this so slow and how can I speed it up?


I test the download speed with the cnlab speedtest application ( from different PC's (paviPC, zoePC, elitePC).

To check the port speeds, I did several speed tests with iperf3 using FG as a client, connecting to my 3 test PC's via the LAN port (i.e. diag traffictest run -c On the PC's I downloaded iperf3 and started the server session.



  • elitePC   333 MBit/s     (Lots of retries, I believe the CAT5e cable is bad and I will exchange it soon)
  • zoePC    580 MBit/s     CAT 5e (no retrans errors, but I will replace this cable too)
  • paviPC   736 MBit/s     CAT6


To test the WAN port speed, I used  paviPC as an iperf3 client and connected to FG (running the server iperf3 server) via a 1GB switch.



  • paviPC 887 MBit/s     CAT6


(same is also possible by using the -R option: diag traffictest run -R -c


I conclude from this that the LAN cabling is not optimal, but far beyond just 120 MBit/s.

The Fortigate 40F is apparently stalling the connections, probably is the cause of the slow download.

I tried different settings on the FG to increase throughput

  • checking duplex mismatch issues
  • connection on WAN and lan3 port is 1000full (full-duplex), also tested with setting the interface mode from auto to 1000full
  • connected via dumb switch to fix potential half-full-duplex issues
  • double checked with "dia har dev nic wan" and "dia har dev nic lan3"
  • cpu and memory load in FG is very low when doing speed tests
  • reset FG completely and reconfigured
  • FW version 6.4.8, fully under support with subscriptions, NGFW Mode = Profile-based
  • no logging (same results with logging, though)
  • played around with different MTU settings on wan side
  • applied guaranteed bandwith (adapted for download)


Nothing I tried so far was bumping the speed above 130 MBit/s.


What else could I try on the FG?









Hello Dan,

Here are few places/ideas to check:

- policy mode: flow/proxy

- utm enabled or disabled in the policy (set utm disable)

- fragmentation: honor-df flag in settings if unnecessary fragmentation seen

- configuration: remove/unset internal switch


Ultimately, consider that the Datasheet values are cummulative, so a 600Mbps Threat protection is likely measured on a multi-thread/multiple ports test, with certain inspection profiles added. Last, but not least, the 40F is a small unit and lacks any dedicated NP processor that may speed up the connection - all traffic is handled by the SoC (CPU).

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Thanks Alex, I will try this tonight and give feedback.
So far:
- policy mode is flow
- utm is already disabled

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@AlexC-FTNT , I was not able to improve the speed significantly. 

  • policy mode: flow/proxy
    • Policy mode is flow. 
  • utm enabled or disabled in the policy (set utm disable)
    • No UTM configured and disabled
    • I did not see any increase in speed.
  • fragmentation: honor-df flag in settings if unnecessary fragmentation seen
    • No fragmentation was seen. I anyway tried honot-df flag, but I did not see any improvement in speed.
  • configuration: remove/unset internal switch
    • I indeed had the LAN connect to the default switch of the FG. I moved the LAN connection over to a dedicated interface and tested again.
    • No speed increase, unfortunately.

As this FG is under support, would it make sense to open a support ticket?




It makes sense to open a ticket for it so we can keep track of these issues, but it is likely that you will receive a similar reply after some troubleshooting data collected.  As I also mentioned above, the speed may be significantly increased (or aproaching datasheet values) by using multiple parallel threads in iperf testing. So this is another test you could run (-P 4 / -P 6...)

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Hi dan,

i have the same issue.

did you find a solution please ?


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hi @diditn 

in my case it turned out to be a stupid cabling issue. I should have seen that before, but I only catched it when I did the cabling of the whole rack from scratch. 



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thanks dan.

i will check the cables with CAT6 and try again.

thank you very much.