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Ubuntu 20.04

Hi guys,


We have a few Ubuntu (20.04) servers, though the repoinfo on the forticlient site is not up to date.

I used 18.04 instructions and it is out of date.


This did not work as it installed version 6.0, which failed on the epctrl -r -a.


So I got in touch with our local support company, who sent me a link on google drive that contains FortiClient

Now everything works but will this be updated, since at the moment downloading from google drive just feels quite wrong.

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This weekend I saw that fortinet finally uploaded a proper VPN packaged client for linux in the downloads site at

So if your are looking for a VPN client, this might be the best option, integration with linux is decent finally (a simple .deb / .rpm installer), and version is recent (currently

A couple of weeks ago this wasn't present on the website, and you had to got into the private area to get those binaries.

I have it working on a kubuntu 20.04 (upgraded from previous releases) without major issues. There's also a nice opensource client that works great for VPN.