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I have been trying to connect some avaya phones to a cloud PBX we have setup. Avaya is using the protocol h323 instead of SIP, so the usual tricks don't work.
We are testing chromebooks as replacement for some PCs on our network, on first sight I saw that they appeared at the site, but after downloading the extension I see that it's only a webfiltering extension.What are the current methods...
I am having trouble with a user in my network that is trying the use a captive portal to login, he gets a constant login error in his mobile, altough he uses the proper password.I was trying to diagnose it further, but I can't find any logs related t...
I am trying to get the connection times for an specific vpn user and it's proving difficult because of the limitations in forticloud. I do the following:[ul]Forticloud -> VPN Events -> SSL and dialup -> Last 7 days (it takes about a minute to open)Cl...
I have a test environment that has restricted navigation, I would like to avoid sending the logs to forticloud because the are confusing when looking for something.Is there any way to exclude that interface or a range of ips from sending the logs?