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Public Key login not working on Fortinet30E

I have a Fortinet30 with the latest firmware 6.2.16.

I am trying to login with a public key from an Ubuntu client but its not working.

It is still asking for a password when I ssh.


This is what I have done.

in Ubuntu, I generated an rsa key for the user using ssh-keygen

also Fotigate public key was copied to known_hosts file when I first login in Fortigate

in Fortigate, I set the public key for the admin user using

  config system admin

  edit admin

  set ssh-public-key1 "sha-rsa AAAA%$&^%"


I can confirm that the public key is set and the same with the public key in Ubuntu.


Am I missing something to configure? please help and TIA


In the ssh-public-key1 field, I guess you mean ssh-rsa, not sha-rsa, right?

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Yes its ssh-rsa. sorry my bad.

I got it working now. After debugging, I got a log of no mutual algorithm.

Adding  "-o PubkeyAcceptedAlgorithms=+ssh-rsa" to ssh command works

so it seems like FortiOS 6.2.16 don't have the latest rsa algorithm and that's the latest firmware for 30E.


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