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Server Load Balancing Https on FG80D

Does anyone have a FG80D running 5.6.x or 6.0.x?


I have a FG80D running 5.4.7. As of 5.4.2 Fortinet removed https server load balancing from low end units apart from the 80C.

From 5.4.2 release notes.


SSL/HTTPS/SMTPS/IMAPS/POP3S options were removed from server-load-balance on low end models below FG-100D except FG-80C and FG-80CM."


I'm wondering if it's made it's way back into a later firmware.

If you do have a FG80D running 5.6 / 6.0, please could you test and let me know by creating a VIP with the options:


config firewall vip

edit random-name-1

set type server-load-balance

set server-type https


Thanks in advance!



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