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what is the best practices for configure RMA device

Hi All,


Below are the my queries which I want to understand what should be best practice in order to connect RMA device to primary device.


1. Earlier both devices were configured in active-active mode

2. during upgradation secondary unit got failed

3.  Primary unit is acting as a master device 

4. RMA device has received

5. now we have to configure RMA device and ensure that RMA device (Secondary unit) should be working as secondary device.


Now what I know -


1. update license

2. Firmware must be same likewise primary device

3.  configure ha and make sure Primary device must be higher priority than secondary unit

4.  primary unit priority (200) secondary unit (180)

5. HA will be sync

for verification # get system ha status


Primary device  firmware version is currently - 6.4.6

Secondary device firmware version is currently - 6.4.6

I have to upgrade from 6.4.6 to 7.0.15


Please recommend what steps should I follow, was above points are correct.




Hi @Umesh ,


You can find some useful info in the articles below:


If you do not have any constraints in terms of disruptions during the reboot/upgrade, you can upgrade the unit from 6.4.6 to 7.0.15 follow the  upgrade path, then re-form the cluster.

If you need to use uninterruptible upgrade, then you can reform the HA cluster, then run an interruptible upgrade following the upgrade path.


Regarding the below:
>>5. now we have to configure RMA device and ensure that RMA device (Secondary unit) should be working as secondary device
So now you are changing the HA config from A-A to A-P, correct?

Best regards,

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