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Hi all,Anybody can explain if fortigate firewall web proxy works. Lets suppose there is one user inside the LAN network, if he wants to access internet services. Thank you.
Hello, I just wanted to know for my knowledge whether can we put load on fortigate's WAN interface to check bandwidth. (It can be stupide question however I want to know). Don't want to check bandwidth at wan interface. Is there any command to put th...
Hi All, I have been trying to understand it for last few days, why do we configure secondary IP address on FortiGate firewall's wan interface.But I couldn't understand it clearly till now, are there anybody can make me understand it thoroughly .with ...
Hi All, As usually I used to see policy ID in fortigate firewall but last few days Policy ID is not showing.Anyone have any Idea on this.Or how can I check whole policy ID in GUI. Thank you
Hi Everyone,I would like to know some doubt which is going on in my mind from you all, for better understanding please see the below screenshots. My requirements are below- 1. how to create zones separately for different-2 VLANS 2. I have 3 VLANS lik...
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