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Hi all, I have been facing the issue for a long time and couldn't resolve the issue, I thought, should share my query with you all.let me explain first - Let's suppose - my public IP is - which is the LAN IP pool that is natted at the Fortiga...
Hi All, Yesterday I set up a lab and tried to check whether the redundant link working fine or not. but it is not working. If the primary link goes down then all the traffic is being dropped at ISP end not moving towards another ISP which is TCL.Let ...
Dear folks,Could you please check once Is this definition is correct as per my knowledge -The difference between SNAT and DNAT is that, SNAT is used to allow the internal host to connect with the internet and DNAT is used by an external host to initi...
Hi Everyone,I just came here to clear my doubt as I don't have much experience in the fortigate firewall.Let me tell you what I have done first-In my organization, there is one server that is behind the LAN environment and needs internet services I j...
Hi Greetings to you all, I need your comment for the below screenshot-First I will explain that I have taken two ISP for internet connectivity in the organization -both ISP have provided below IP pool-Airtel - - -
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