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web page access problems

Friends, can you help me with this question?

I am having problems accessing pages, these pages do not load well or sometimes take a long time to load.

I make a test policy, without enabling security filters and it still does not load. Verify that the device is using Fortiguard DNS and that those DNS are experiencing latency (you do not have the ISP provider's DNS)

Could that contribute to the page not loading correctly or taking a while to load?


Since we do not have the ISP's DNS, we use fortiguard's DNS


Hi @unknown1020,

On devices having issue, can you assign and as DNS server instead of using FortiGuard DNS server? Please do that and test again.


Hello @unknown1020 ,


If the DNS servers you're using are slow to respond, it can delay the time it takes for your browser to resolve the domain name to an IP address, which is the first step in loading a web page. Use tools like ping or nslookup to check the response time from the FortiGuard DNS servers. High latency or packet loss could indicate a problem.  Sometimes, the issue might not be DNS-specific but a general internet connectivity issue. Run a speed test to check your bandwidth and latency. For testing purposes, you can temporarily switch to a different DNS service like Google's ( and to see if the issue persists.  If you find that the FortiGuard DNS servers are slow, consider switching to another DNS service.


Hello @unknown1020 


You can monitor the status of Fortiguard DNS here:

If you are experiencing latency on Fortiguard DNS, choose 'Specify' in DNS settings and enter Public DNS.
Make sure you choose UDP 53 and disable TLS when switching to public DNS




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Easy fix.. Stop using Fortiguard's DNS servers.

This seems to be a topic every day and I'm still perplexed as to why people continue to use them.

Speed Test

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