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Friends I am having problems with application blocking on the firewall.For example, in the app control and web filter profiles, I added the Facebook application and in the web filter the Facebook wilcard, but users can still access it.In the Internet...
Good morning friends, a question. I have several web services posts on fortigate. According to a report, I see that the attack events are related to the http port. What considerations should I have before removing the http port in the publication? Is...
Good morning friends, based on your experience:Why is it important to not have all "ALL" ports enabled in fortigate firewall policies? I greatly appreciate your comments.
Good afternoon friends, a question.I have a fortimail version 7.0.2, could you recommend which version I should update the device?Thanks for your comments.
good morning friends. a consultation, based on their experience, which security configurations they recommend should be applied in a fortigate to mitigate or avoid attacks. Your comments are very helpful.