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vpn forticlient consumes a lot of memory and energy

Hello, I need your help with the following issue with Forticlient VPN. Every time I connect the VPN the memory usage of my PC is triggered with a high energy consumption I have windows 10 pro version 1909. Intel core I7-7700 HQ 2.8 GHz and RAM 16 GB. Forticlient VPN version This problem occurs only when i connect the vpn Thanks for the help

Consuming more than 4.4 GB is a bit high. I assume there is a conflict between the FC and another application. Did you install FC without AV/IPS/WF etc.? If not, it could be that it conflicts with an AV scanner/Windows Defender.

Ede Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!
Ede Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!

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