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vlans and redundant interfaces

consider a situation like this :   a fortigate cluster attached to 2 switches. switches are not supporting of mlag or real stacking. only standard LAG is supported, lacp. so in order to get full mesh, a redundant interface is set on each fortigate, one port to sw1 and one port to sw2, and so on.   under that redundant interfaces there are this and that vlans now, in order to further distribute the load above 1gbps at a time, an additional redundant pair was created now, what puzzles me, and this is what i'm asking. is that the fortigate allows me to have new sub interfaces under that new pair, with the same vlan numbers i have on the previous pair   what will be the behavior of such a thing?   say i have redundant pair 1, with vlan 200 under it, with an ip and all and now i've setup another redundant pair with also vlan 200 under it, what will happen?   thank you
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