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unable to install forticlient on Windows 7

Besides my other problem (unable to register endpoint) I'm now facing another problem.

When trying to install the FortiClient (downloaded from the firewall itself) I get an error message (see attachment).

Although I'm using the administrator account (the same I use for accessing the fortigate firewall) it won't allow me to proceed the installation.


Anyone an idea what's going on?

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You need admin priv. I would pull the package install it after run as administrator.







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Hello Ken


I'm logged onto the Win7 client as the domain administrator (of the network). With this user I was capable of installing 22 other computers without a problem.

Meanwhile i had the fortigate rebooted, hoping this would help, but unfortunately, installation stops once again when starting the services.

I've double-checked the following settings on the firewall that they were set:

  • Network > Interfaces > wan1 > administrative access > FCT-access -> enabled
  • Network > Interfaces > wan1 > device management > detect & identify devices -> enabled Network > Interfaces > wan1 > device management > broadcast discovery messages -> enabled[/ul]