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txt conversion to pcap via Perl script

Hi all,


I am trying to convert the txt file to pcap by using PERL script as per be low link:


 but every time I am trying to convert it I am getting the below error:


C:\Users\m.a> -in pcap.txt -out pcpaps.pcap Can't use string ("5b") as an ARRAY ref while "strict refs" in use at C:\Users\m.a\ line 220, <fh_in> line 16.


and the pcap files comes up as empty, I've uploaded txt file and used the below sniffer command to get it:


diag sniffer packet wan1 "port 443" 6 10



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As a test, try commenting out the first line after "# ------------------ don't edit after this line -------------------------------". In PERL, start the line with the hash (#) symbol to comment it out. Obviously this is against the wishes of the initial programmer, but the 'use strict;' directive seems to be what is causing the error. This script may have been created on a different flavor of PERL than you are running. That's all I have. Good luck

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Bob - self proclaimed posting junkie!See my Fortigate related scripts at:
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There's an exe version of the conversion tool as well. You could give that a try since you're running Windows.


Hello amargys,


I uploaded a zipped file here containing a different format of fgt2eth that is usable on both Linux and Windows OS. I also converted your txt file for you here. The difference between this script is you have to add a "-system <linux|windows>" because of the difference in the file format. An example command would be:


./ -in pcap.txt -out pcpaps.pcap -system linux




script fails for me, as it could not find the path to text2pcap.exe, even with the argument -system windows


Replying to hmtay_FTNT

  Just pulled your script (had same problem as original post) - you need to change line 16 from ethereal to wireshark - ethereal is deprecated and no longer available or supported, its now wireshark


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joerothstein wrote:

script fails for me, as it could not find the path to text2pcap.exe, even with the argument -system windows

I just started to use this script, and I came across the same error. I was attempting to capture a putty output from a different computer than where we have wireshark installed. I was getting this same error, until I installed wireshark on the same computer that I was using to run the script. After that it worked.


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