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routing being blocked because of use

I have a FG140D-POE and I have a virtual switch for my camaras. In it I have a PC that monitores the camaras from all my sites. For some reason routing to the other sites stops working for that PC until I restart the PC and then when it reboot I can browse my sites. When it is not working I can still browse the camaras on the local network just not the other sites.


Hi @luisgortiz,


When the issue happens, please check the routing table (get router info routing-table all) on Fortigate.


If routing appears to be correct, then run the below debugs for further investigation.


diagnose debug disable
diagnose debug reset
diagnose debug flow filter addr <source_IP> <destination_IP> and
diagnose debug console timestamp enable
diagnose debug flow trace start 100
diagnose debug enable


After performing the test, you can stop debugging;
diagnose debug disable
diagnose debug reset


This is strange behaviour as restarting the PC should have nothing to do with what is happening on the FortiGate (which is presumably responsible for routing between sites).


When your PC stops routing to other sites, are you able to ping the default gateway IP address? Again I assume this is the FortiGate's IP address. I wonder if there's an issue where ARP or some other mechanism is breaking for the FGT.


I am in doubt that there is a loop or IP conflict.

If you configure VLAN-tagged interfaces on FortiGate, the untagged traffic received by the interface will be in VLAN-1. If FortiGate has another port in VLAN-1, it will make a loop.

Could the PC ping Fortigate and the FortiGate ping the PC?

Check the arp on both to confirm the MAC.

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