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restore config in HA cluster

I wonder in what order the configuration is restored in the HA cluster.


From what I found in the documentation "When restoring the configuration of a cluster, cluster unity reboot to install the new configuration. This may result in a brief traffic interruption as all cluster units map restart at the same time."


Is it true that both nodes can restart at the same time, or is there a gradual: first on the master, then on the slave, or in reverse?


It is not possible to only restore the config on one unit at a time, it will always restore the config to both.
You can separate the cluster then restore the config on each one. 

"Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth."

I may have expressed myself incorrectly, difficulties with translation((
Obviously, the configuration will be restored on both cluster devices at a time, I wanted to clarify exactly the moment of switching between devices during recovery.
That is, does it not happen that in a couple of minutes of the entire procedure, the configuration is restored on the first device while the second one is working, then the first one becomes active, and the configuration is restored on the second?
It turns out that at the time of restoring the configuration, both devices are not functioning.



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