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remove duplicate output from custom sql query, how?

Hello, I am trying to find out how to remove duplicate results (users in this case) from the output.

I have a customer who has an RDS portal with a Fortigate captive portal where users have to enter their credentials and fortitoken code. The customer wants to know whether a user has logged in via the rds portal in the last month.  I found the log that shows when a user succesfully logs in and then created a dataset that will show date, user and client source ip.

I created the chart with the dataset and a report template that will create a report with last months logins.

However if a user had logged in several times (what happens of course) I only want to have 1 result.

What needs to be added in the query? Second, is there a way to remove the default 'succeeded in authentication' text from the 2nd column?

Thanks for any help,

Ralph Willemsen

Arnhem, Netherlands


Hi there, you can aggregate "datum" by string_agg function and "group by srcip, msg". Because of the size limit of single table cell, if you have too many entries for "datum", some of them will be truncated.