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recovery from backup file


I have FortiGate-100E in high availability (HA) mode fv. version 7.0.11.

When i restore settings from backup file all connections is going down for about 5minutes (internet and local services not working).

Is there any way to short this time or eliminate this break??


When you restore config, the device is expected to reboot. Are you seeing the interruption during the reboot or after the system booted up it still takes time?

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ok, I understood that reason but...

Question is: when I have HA, is possible to config reboot first primary, next secondary, not all in the same time ? So make a break as short as possible??


When the devices are in HA/Sync they both are expected to reboot. You can remove them from HA, to minimize the impact.

1. Disable the LAN/WAN interfaces to the backup node

2. Disconnect the HA cable

3. Reload the configuration to backup node and wait for it to boot up

4. Disable the LAN/WAN interfaces to the Active node and enable these on Backup node that just booted with new config.

5. Reload the configuration to previous active node and wait for it to boot up

6. Once the node is booted up connect the HA cable
7. Wait for coniguration to be in sync and then enable the LAN/WAN cables to the previous active node

disable/enable the LAN/WAN ports from connected switch would be easier.


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An uninterrupted upgrade occurs without interrupting communication in the cluster.

To upgrade the cluster firmware without interrupting communication, the following steps are followed. These steps are transparent to the user and the network, and might result in the cluster selecting a new primary unit.

  1. The administrator uploads a new firmware image using the GUI or CLI. See Firmware for details.
  2. The firmware is upgraded on all of the subordinate units.
  3. A new primary unit is selected from the upgraded subordinates.
  4. The firmware is upgraded on the former primary unit.
  5. Primary unit selection occurs, according to the standard primary unit selection process.

If all of the subordinate units crash or otherwise stop responding during the upgrade process, the primary unit will continue to operate normally, and will not be upgraded until at least one subordinate rejoins the cluster.


You can refer below document for the same.
Upgrading FortiGates in an HA cluster | FortiGate / FortiOS 6.2.14 (



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