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port forwarding without typing any port after the address

I read someone already posted the same question, but nowhere to find. 

example: www.x.x.x.y:8080 was properly configured in my VIP settings. Now, how do i enforce when my users want to access our web server it will divert to our web server page without typing 8080 after the address? 


What possible changes on my dns server which is hosting the said web site? appreciate your feedback. thank you


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in short: no way.


This is not a question of configuration of your firewall but one of internet protocol standards.

For the "http://" prefix the protocol (HTTP) has the default port 80, for "https://" it's 443.

There is no way to change the protocol's default settings worldwide just because you change something on your FGT.


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As Ede said this is not a firewall function, but a function of your web server. You would have to build a redirect into your server's configuration to send port 80 traffic to port 8080. If you use Apache it would be something similar to:


<VirtualHost *:80>     ServerName     ServerAlias     redirect / </VirtualHost>


Make sure your web server is configured to listen on the redirected port or it will simply hang there. If you click on the link in my signature, you will see that I am doing the same exact thing to port 5190.

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Another (not comfortable way) is to do port forwarding with your vip. The disadvantage of this "solution" - you have to do this then for any other port you use e.g. 443 to 443 etc.

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guys, thank you so much for your replies. deeply appreciated.

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