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point of attention for firmware upgrade


I have a cluster of fortigate 1500D that are running 6.0.15 version.

I guess it s more than time to go the 7.2.x version. 


I have check that my upgrade path is 






I m not really anxious of doing the upgrade. I have already did it for a bunchs of 6.0.x releases but now i have to change of major version. 

Should i read all the Releases notes of all intermediate like 6.2.0 to 6.2.13  version or is it sufficient to read only the 6.2.13 version for moving to 6.2.13 releases? 

Is there some point of attention i should care about during intermediate upgrade?  Something i should check before going to the next level. 
Thans in advance for any hints




FortiOS 6.0 and 6.2 have already reached end of engineering support. FortiOS 6.4 will reach end of engineering support on 31.3.2023. You may consider to upgrade to FortiOS 7.0 or 7.2 branch. It is recommended to stay on the latest build within FortiOS branch due to vulnerability or bug fixes.


Please make sure that you have valid backup of the configuration before performing an upgrade during maintenance window. It is recommended to read all release notes including release notes for intermediate builds and pay extra attention while reading release notes for target build. In case you hit some issue after upgrading to 7.2.4 GA while the issue was not present while running FortiOS 7.0.10 GA you may consider to roll back to 7.0.10 GA by booting from different partition (downgrading via GUI is not supported).

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