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per-ip shaping + Guaranteed bandwidth

Hi Fortigate FG200B Firmware Version v5.0,build0208 (GA Patch 3) I have a wan to share among all the office users. I would like the users be able to use the maximum bandwidth available at a moment. but their bandwidth could be reduced if a another join the network needs a guaranteed bandwidth example: we have users: A, B, C and D we have a 100/100M wan per user guaranteed bandwitch is 5M A is downloading something at 100M then B joins network and download something too so A is reduced to 50Mbps, and B downloads at 50Mbps then C and D joins network so A and B are reduced to 45Mbps each, C and D have each 5 Mbps of guaranteed bandwidth How could i do this ?? I can' t specify guaranteed bandwidth on a per-ip shaper thanks
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Hi, Maybe I' m wrong but Per-IP-Shaping is not designed for this. Basically if you have 100Mbit/s line and 100 of users with 5Mbit/s guaranteed per-IP-shaper it is 500 Mbti/s needed. How you would guarantee this on 100 Mbit/s line. That is the reason why you can define only the MAX. bandwidth for IP. If you have only some IP address which needs some bandwidth to be " online" every time you can create a policy for each IP address and define the policy shaper. Probably somebody will have a better solution.


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