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packets flow on different links (H&S)



Query Regarding SDWAN :


We have Hub and Spoke (H&S) Topology , Spokes also communicating with Each other. 


1- Both the spokes are having multiple WAN links (Internet and MPLS) with IPsec connected on firewalls.

2- Spokes are configured with SD-WAN.


Topology / path is like :


Spoke-1 <-->  Hub <--> Spoke-2


Problem: Traffic initiated from Spoke-1(for Spoke-2) taking path via MPLS (IPSec) till Hub , at Hub packets started following Internet link (IPSec) towards Spoke-2. However we require end to end through either via MPLS(IPSec) or Internet(IPSec). Could anyone guide why traffic is taking Internet(IPsec) to Spoke-2 from Hub site ... what additional we need to check or change to get desired outcome (i.e. for Eg : End to End on MPLS Ipsec only).




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