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no longer able to see active FSSO agent ?

With FortiOS 6 the configuration of the FSSO servers moved to the Security Fabric Connectors section in GUI.

Am I right that you can no longer see in the GUI what FSSO server is the active one ? We have a primary and a secondary.


In FortiOS 5 you were able to see what FSSO server was the active one: it was the one in bold.


Dear dieter,

you can still see which FSSO server is active by hovering your mouse over the FSSO connector (not clicking on it). This was taken on a 6.4 unit:


The active FSSO server is still the one in bold.

Hope that answers your question :)

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Thank you, but it does not seem to be the case in 6.0.14, at least not with Firefox and Chrome.
If I hover over the Users/Groups icon, it shows me the Windows domain.


Must have been introduced later...


Hi dieter,


If it's not visible there in 6.0, then I'm not sure where in GUI the information can be found.

For purposes of troubleshooting, you can also get the active FSSO server via CLI (if vdoms are enabled, in the specific VDOM with the FSSO connector):
#diagnose debug reset
#diagnose debug enable
#diagnose debug auth fsso server-status
The server (connector) name and IP address of the active FSSO server will be listed.

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