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With FortiOS 6 the configuration of the FSSO servers moved to the Security Fabric Connectors section in GUI.Am I right that you can no longer see in the GUI what FSSO server is the active one ? We have a primary and a secondary. In FortiOS 5 you were...
FortiOS 6.0.14, using ssl inspection.Lately, browsing to or fails. Firefox throws error PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR, Chrome ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED.No such problems with other subdomains like I guess it's a...
We are in a (painful and lengthy) transition from FortiOS 5.6 to 6. Next step in the upgrade path is from 5.6.11 tot 6.0.10. Yes, I know, we are 3 years behind... But for us this upgrade to a major version, feels like a giant milestone. We currently ...
All our SSID's are tunneled. But now I need a locally bridged SSID (name "tech") in a separate VLAN (eg VLAN20). VLAN20 is an existing VLAN interface on the Fortigate (serving as gateway, DHCP, DNS...).A few existing tunneled SSID's and the new bridg...
We often have users that are in the FSSO Agent list, but ar not known on the fortigate. Sometimes it takes several minutes.So user comes to work, logs in. Logon event is picked up by FSSO agent. But user has no access to mail (in cloud) or internet. ...