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Need help in Configuring a NAT Solution for my vm fortigate

I got a scenario and this is a Single vm on cloud.  I need help on below scenario.

Our customer has whitelisted only 1 Interface as WAN that is and that is used for Fortigate as Port 1 towards customer. I got a second interface with and that should be used for the LAN traffic from different VPCs. Issue is I want to send all the coming from Port 2 to go through Port 1. When I tried test telnet source from Port 1 its getting connected but while using Port 2 the test telnet is not working. Policy 1 to 2 is enabled for testing with NAT enabled.  Is it because of NAT not working or Should I do anything else to make it work. Please advise. I am stuck on this for days and unable get a solution. Please help on how to send traffic coming from Port 2 to send to port 1 and send that traffic using subnet in Fortigate.


FortiGate FortiGate Cloud 



SRC_IP >> port2 (FG) port1 >> DST_IP
You should test telnet from the host to the destination, not from FortiGate CLI.

In the session list you will see if the NAT takes place correctly for the source/destination IP.

If no session in the list with the correct filters - check the debug flow - it will tell you why. 

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