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need help with vlan management ip address

Hi, I'm new to Fortinet, I want to setup a management ip address for my default vlan but can't find how to do that and I'm not interested in using the MGMT port. In cisco it would only be a matter of creating a new vlan interface and associate an ip address and connect a cable to any ports to  access the switch.


thank you for helping.




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and welcome to the forums.


In FortiOS, that's the same way: assuming your switch is connected to the 'internal' or 'lan' port(s), create a new interface of type 'VLAN' on this physical port (GUI: Network>Interfaces, New, choose type), assign a static IP address, done.

Now you should be able to ping any address on that VLAN from the FGT (CLI).

To control the traffic create a policy from the VLAN interface to any other, and vice versa - policies depend on your design goals.


The 'mgmt' port on some hardware models doesn't have anything to do with VLANs. It's a way to manage the FGT out-of-band.


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I got it to work, I factory reset the switch to be safe. I think the issue was because I either use space  or "-" "_" in the name and alias.