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limited upload speed fortigate 60e

I have a fortigate 60e with a free license, firmware v.7.2.3 build1262, which has a 4-port 802.3ad Aggregate trunk with a Cisco SF300-24 switch, a 200 Mbps symmetrical internet connection. This switch through the GE ports go to the LAN network. When I do an internet speed test, the measurement gives me a good download (230 Mbps) but the upload seems to have a limit of 100 Mbps because the speed measurement does not exceed 93 Mbps. I have done speed tests between the switches , between machines and they all give results of 1 Gbps within the internal network but the tests towards the internet give me the aforementioned speed of 220/93. I have checked the traffic shaping rules and everything is fine. Do you have any idea what could be happening? What do you suggest I check in the fortigate?


To isolate the issue, you can test the upload speed by connecting a device directly to the internet connection bypassing the FortiGate. This will help determine if the limitation is specific to the FortiGate the CLI command "diagnose hardware deviceinfo nic <interface>" to check for any interface errors or issues that could be impacting the upload speed.

Siddhanth Poojary
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Yes, the direct test to the ISP is correct, it was the first thing that was validated. And internal network speed tests have been carried out and they have correctly given 1 Gbps. The problem is when accessing the internet through the firewall.


 Hi @flatron,


Have you by passed the switch and test directly as follows? If yes, what is the result? 


Test PC > FortiGate > ISP router. 


7.2.3 is not up to date. It would recommend upgrading to 7.2.8.




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