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keyboard shortcuts in ssl vpn web mode


when users connects via ssl vpn web mode (virtual desktop) they can't send keyboard keys combination (i.e ctrl+a).this is very annoying. is there a way to fix that?

 the machine is fortigate 201e firmware version v5.6.8 build1672 and it doesn't matter which browser they're using.



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Have you found a solution?

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I totally get how frustrating it can be when keyboard shortcuts aren't working properly, especially when you're trying to work efficiently. As for your issue with SSL VPN web mode, have you tried checking the settings on your Fortigate 201e firmware version v5.6.8 build1672? There might be some configurations that need to be adjusted to allow for keyboard shortcuts. In the meantime, have you considered using alternate keyboard shortcuts that might work on the virtual desktop? For example, instead of using Ctrl+A, you could try using Shift+Ctrl+A or Alt+A. These might work as viable alternatives until you find a permanent solution. By the way, I found some useful keyboard shortcuts for work on It might be worth checking out if you want to improve your productivity!


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