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Impossible to connect 10% Error - Forticlient VPN

Hello everyone,


Thank you for reading my post.


I'll explain my problem to you: my company based in France made forticlient VPN available to me in order to connect to the company's server remotely. I live in Luxembourg.


However at each connection attempt I receive a 10% error message.


 Below the informations of my company :



When I try to connect with my iPhone in connection sharing it works without problem. Also at my family's home (another type of box) it works. Which indicates that the problem comes from my equipment.


I have fiber at home and my router is a FRITZBOX 7590.

Is there someone here who knows how to solve this problem ?
It affects me a lot.

In advance, thanks a lot.



Hi David,

I can see from the above description that you are facing issues regarding SSL VPN.
May I know if this issue is limited only to all Windows machines?

Could you please provide me below logs for further checking:
+ Are you using free or paid version of forticlient ?
+ Version of fortigate and forticlient
+ Attach the debug output of below commands:
Open the putty session, run the below commands, reproduce the issue, post that logs will be generated, please share me the logs for further checking.
# diagnose debug dis
# diagnose debug reset
# diagnose vpn ssl debug-filter src-addr4 x.x.xx
# diagnose debug application sslvpn -1
# diagnose debug enable

di de dis to stop




Thank you for helping me.

I'm using windows and it seems to be a free version as it says "Upgrade to the full version to access additional features and receive technical support."

The problem is only on my computer with this modem. 


I have only Forticlient VPN on my computer -  version of software :

I think you want me to share these points :
Vue Generale.png

It generates txt files, I uploaded these files here : 
I hope I've done what you wanted, I am really not good with informatic and also not perfecltly fluent in english !!



Thanks for prompt response!
Based on logs, it is caused by error: WSAEnumNetworkEvents FD_CLOSE (10053)
Here's a description from the official Microsoft's documentation: "Software caused connection abort. An established connection was aborted by the software in your host computer, possibly due to a data transmission time-out or protocol error."
-Can't point out specific applications that could cause the error, but for the meantime please check if the host has 3rd party AV, firewall or proxy configurations.
-Please also check if other SSL VPN adapters are installed / running

The documentation below for reference:


Thanks for the answer.

I don't know what to answer, it's working properly when I share my iphone's network.
I'm totaly lost

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Is port 4443 open on the firtzbox?



thanks for helping me.
I tried a lot in this section what would you do ?






Thanks a lot 


The question is whether outgoing the port is open?


Please respond us back with the below poits:
+ check if the host has 3rd party AV, firewall or proxy configurations.
+ Please also check if other SSL VPN adapters are installed / running.
Is port 4443 open?

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