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how to monitor bgp routing changes

We wish to log bgp routing changes in a 60C. (note- there are over 1000 bgp routes advertised to us)

We already have syslog and snmp traps configured in general but I don't think they can do it (which is why I didn't post under Log/Report).

Possible methods include:

snmp polling - return the whole routing table, parse for changes. seems hard, could miss some changes.

snmp traps - I don't believe there is a way to configure traps for routing changes? this would be ideal if possible

syslog - same as snmp traps

diagnostic script / cron/ get router info routing-table bgp / parse / diff. easy, could miss some changes.



Any suggestions how to go about this?

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Interesting situation you have. I have never heard of anybody logging route changes but you can start with a simple bgp -adj change



config router bgp

  set log-neighbour-changes   enable



Then can look at a nagios check_bgp sheck and poll each bgp neighbor and if the total count doesnt match X , than take action/alert. I use something like that for BGP checks on Juniper MX and cisco ASRs, but you will have to play around with it and perform some trial and errors.


Take look at the check_bgp  checks with nagios.






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