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how to check mac address of the connected device


 is there command to check mac add of the device connected to the port of the fortigate? I see port is up and trying to figure it out  what is connected on it. 


If it has an IP reachable from the FGT, "get sys arp" that shows IP/Age/MACaddr/Interface.


yes, right but that shows interface only as a lan , it doesnt show what is coming from port 1 or port 2 or port 10. i am looking for something like "show mac add int gi1/0/2 " 

 is it possible? 


So you're saying your FGT is one of smaller model like FG-xxD/E/F that supports hard-switch and you want to know MAC addresses connected to individual member ports, and you don't have a switch inbetween.

I don't think there is a command to show that, as far as I know. saneeshpv_FTNT's comment below backs up my understanding.

I would just trace the cable to identify the device connected to each port.



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Open the Home Network Security app. Tap the Menu icon. Tap Devices, select the device, look for the MAC ID. Tap Settings.Tap General.Tap About. The MAC address is listed as Wi-Fi Address. [size="1"]vidmate app save insta video[/size]


which device you are talking about? there is no Home/network security etc  in fortigate...

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Hi, you can use lldp to find the information.

Its silly we have to look other way around to find port/mac/ip relation as on different platforms "show ip arp"/"show arp vlan xxx" etc... does what we need.

diagnose lldprx nei sum


If you dont have lldp globally allowed you follow this steps.

config vdom

edit <vdom>

config system settings

set lldp-reception enable

set lldp-transmission enable


...wait minute and after

diagnose lldprx nei sum


If not working and hw-switch is configured, try to add following under vlan xxx

config system interface
edit "vlanxxx"

set device-identification enable





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